WeFuzz secures seed funding to to create a more open and secure, security collaboration environment

2 min readOct 4, 2022

Crowdsourced security audit, pentesting and bug bounty platform WeFuzz today announced funding from Druid Ventures to advance its fully decentralized, blockchain agnostic, non-custodial protocol. The company’s novel approach seeks to improve and scale today’s crowdsourced security collaboration procedures that leverage and reward the developer, auditor and hacker communities.

“There’s a tremendous need for better security and audits for the current and future health of the web3 space. WeFuzz is building a novel and critical approach that has the potential to become an industry standard,” said Chris Pizzo, General Partner at Druid Ventures.

This January, WeFuzz was awarded a generous grant from Coinbase, which helped kickstart conceptualization and designing the platform, besides building the Genesis. Coinbase’s efforts in building the web3 ecosystem with Crypto Community Funds have been and will continue to be, instrumental in fostering web3 innovation.

WeFuzz : https://twitter.com/wefuzz_io

Chaitanya: https://twitter.com/ant4g0nist

Ranjeet : https://twitter.com/sengar23

We look forward to working with the community and seeing them grow further in the coming years. Please join us on Discord and follow us on Twitter to watch our progress.