Yokai appoints new CEO Ross Plummer

2 min readSep 29, 2023


Yokai announces the appointment of CEO Ross Plummer.

Today Yokai announces the appointment of CEO Ross Plummer. Plummer comes to Yokai from TUGA Innovations, where he was Chief Marketing officer. He oversaw their re-brand and shattered them through two stock market flotations, before taking time off and meeting the Yokai founders in the interim. Although he had been in the position for some months Yokai was working through brand and product development and chose to wait until both were established before announcing him. “We are thrilled to announce the appointment of Ross, it was clear to us straight away that he was the guy we wanted at the helm. A great team fit and a shared vision”.

Plummer comes with over 15+ years of experience including in the C-Suite and leadership roles in various global brands across the USA, UK, and the Netherlands. “The chemistry was there straight away,” said Ross, speaking ahead of the announcement that the company had filed trademark filings for Yokai. “The team has a great dynamic, which is important, but it was when we started discussing the product and its evolution that we realized we had a golden opportunity to change an industry for the better.”

Plummer joins Yokai (formerly WeFuzz) at a time when cybersecurity is experiencing a boom even as it is admittedly overwhelmed with global talent shortages and an urgent requirement for greater efficiency, something he and the Yokai team see as an opportunity. “The problem is simple, how can we be more efficient with the people we have? There’s a lot of talent globally and we intend to harness that talent”.

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