Yokai launches at Nullcon 2023 with live bounties and clients

2 min readSep 29, 2023


Yokai successfully launched its inaugural product into the industry fold with an enthusiastic reception.

Nullcon is one of the world’s most respected security conferences and so it was with much pride that Yokai launched their first product there. “We’re thrilled that Nullcon chose us to be their tech partners at the event”, said Chaitanya Krishna, Yokai’s co-founder, and CTO. It means that some of the most respected talent and organizations got exposure to our product, and whilst that comes with some pressure, it was beautifully received with live campaigns and novel features that set the platform apart from others in the field.

Whilst Yokai remains tight-lipped about some of the upcoming features, it is clear that there was no shortage of talent engaging with their platform, from both the hacking community and software organizations. A. I company Fractal and telco giant Airtel were both fully engaged in security programs and were seen at the event with the Yokai tech team, who were also distributing t-shirts to attendees.

Yokai can now claim to have worked with telco, communications, A.I and Web3 companies in their inaugural launch, and will be looking to cement their reputation as serious players in cyber security in the coming months as they move into a revenue phase with further customer acquisition and new features to roll out, ahead of a wider commercial launch early in 2024 as they emerge from their beta phase.

Website: https://www.yokai.network/

Twitter : https://twitter.com/yokai_network

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